Come Join Us!

The NETARC monthly meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.   We plan to broadcast the meeting via Zoom.  Each club member will receive an email with a link and the meeting ID number.


Everyone Welcome!


NETARC activities include serving our community, contesting with other clubs, education, and traveling to exotic locations. Join us for the fun!

Ham Radio Licensing

Netarc provides classes to learn the Ham Radio manual and provides testing for those interested in acquiring a license. Please email to sign up.


442.175 + pl 110.9    Online

145.400 - pl 110.9   Online

443.875 + pl 110.9  Online

444.700 + pl 110.9   Online

440.500 DMR, +, CC1, (TS 2, TG 3148) (TS 1, TG 8205)

Southlake DPS

NETARC meets monthly at the Southlake Department of Public Safety building.

What's the Weather?

Track current and future weather conditions at Weather Underground and other sites such as Skywarn, AARL, NOAA...